Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Captain's Log of Captain Frederick Stevenson, of Space, Part 5

Let's do something a little different this time. I have FTL - Faster Than Light. I'd like to review it, but I need to play it more first. So come along on this first impressions/Let's Play as Captain Frederick Stevenson braves the treachery of space. I've played it less than an hour previously, so enough time to know how it works without having a lot of surprise spoiled for this. Part 5!

Captain's Log: Spacedate 1,411

We just love to land in nebulas, I guess.  This one's really thick and it's taking us a while to get through.  Wait a sec, there's something coming closer and I don't think it has Christmas presents for us.

Yikes, a heavily armored Mantis ship hunting Slugs.  Maybe the Mantis aren't as nice as I thought, because it's attacking us!  Meany-heads!

Uh oh.  Our hull's critical, a lot of our critical systems are out (including life support and my Bacon-scent dispenser!) and we're being attacked by invaders.  We're gonna pull through though, right?

No, the hull's too damaged and our shields aren't strong enough.  I've sent everyone away from their posts and told them they can have as many Space Cookies as they want.  I didn't take one.  If we pull through, I'll have one to celebrate.


Captain Frederick Stevenson has one known descendant, a nephew by the name of Thelonious Stevenson.  Thelonious inherited his uncle's bacon-scented med bay technology and became a millionaire.  He used his first thousand to build a grand monument to his uncle.  The inscription reads as such:

Captain Frederick Ezekiel Stevenson
Beloved uncle, cashier, fry cook, and space captain
"I want a Space Cookie"

He will be remembered


  1. Don't know about you, but now I'm depressed. :( Tomorrow I'll write up a summary of my feelings on the game, and a special surprise!

  2. Aww man! A rotten end for such a heroic space captain!

    1. Turns out it's pretty hard to write the death of a crew that you'd formed a bit of an attachment to and make it funny. >.> Someday I will beat this game and Captain Stevenson will be avenged!