Monday, September 17, 2012

The Captain's Log of Captain Frederick Stevenson, of Space, Part 2

Let's do something a little different this time. I have FTL - Faster Than Light. I'd like to review it, but I need to play it more first. So come along on this first impressions/Let's Play as Captain Frederick Stevenson braves the treachery of space. I've played it less than an hour previously, so enough time to know how it works without having a lot of surprise spoiled for this.  Part 2!

Captain's Log: Spacedate 1,364

The ship's computer gave me this nice little pop-up when we arrived in Engi space, I thought that was pretty cool.  I'm going to be honest, I don't like the Engi too much.  They're all robotic and weird.  Kinda creepy.  Anyway, here's a map of the sector:

Captain's Log: Spacedate 1,365

Guess what, we came across a rebel patrol!  Yeah, I didn't know they were this far out, either.  I felt a little bad when they offered a surrender, but I thought it'd be a bad idea to let a rebel patrol get away.

Captain's Log: Spacedate 1,369

Today we came across an automated merchant drone, selling drone parts in exchange for fuel.  Ohm encouraged us to buy some, but I pointed out that we don't actually have any drones and maybe he should keep dumb suggestions to himself.  Later, I felt bad about being mean to him, so I let him have an extra Space Cookie from our rations.

Captain's Log: Spacedate 1,370

Guess what, we came across another pirate attacking a harmless civilian.  Yeah, it's pretty crazy.  I don't know what these people see in pirating, can't they just take normal jobs like Federation Pilot or Pastry Chef?

Captain's Log: Spacedate 1,372

I'm so excited right now.  Check it out!

Wait, maybe you can't tell what I'm talking about.  Here's another picture:

That's right!  A new weapon!  A breach bomb!  It's totally awesome!  It's like...  like a bomb!  But for breaching!  Wilkinson was pretty excited to install it.  I can't wait to try it out!

Captain's Log: Spacedate 1,373

So, I was talking to Wilkinson about how the breach bomb works.  It's pretty cool.  It's a bomb, see?  And then it teleports the bomb onto the enemy ship and then it explodes!  It makes me wonder though, why can't all weapons just teleport lasers and stuff?  Then we wouldn't have to worry about Shields.  I'll ask Wilkinson later.

Later on, we encountered a Mantis ship.  Yeah, seriously.  I avoided a Mantis Sector and we ended up fighting Mantis anyway! Luckily, our new breach bomb was exactly as awesome as I expected.  It takes out Systems really easy, plus it punches holes in the hull.  Pretty cool.

Captain's Log: Spacedate 1,376

I'm a little sad today.  We found a civilian ship stuck in an asteroid belt and tried to get them out.

We tried to get them, but we failed and the ship broke apart.

I just discovered this log has smileys built in. :(

Captain's Log: Spacedate 1,378

Came across another Mantis ship today.  Are they invading Engi space?  I don't know why they'd want to, there's nothing to do here except be bored or randomly hit keys on the consoles...  but Davis told me stop that.

Captain's Log: Spacedate 1,379

We came across a friendly aid station and they gave us a Drone!  Only problem?  We don't have any way to control it.  Lame.  I guess I'll sell it for scrap later.

Captain's Log: Spacedate 1,382

We, uh, don't have very good choices for the next Sector we're heading to.  It's either a Rebel Sector or an Uncharted Sector.  This sucks.  I wanna go home.  I want a Space Cookie.

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