Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Captain's Log of Captain Frederick Stevenson, of Space, Part 4

Let's do something a little different this time. I have FTL - Faster Than Light. I'd like to review it, but I need to play it more first. So come along on this first impressions/Let's Play as Captain Frederick Stevenson braves the treachery of space. I've played it less than an hour previously, so enough time to know how it works without having a lot of surprise spoiled for this. Part 4! 

Captain's Log: Spacedate 1,396

Ugh, another nebula.  At least the Zoltan were pretty cool about letting us into their sector.

Captain's Log: Spacedate 1,397

Nevermind!  We came across a Zoltan guard that requested communictation, but our com unit was disrupted and they attacked us!  Not cool, guys!  How is silence the same thing as going, "Grr, I'm gonna beat you up"?

Captain's Log: Spacedate 1,398

We're hanging out at a store, so I thought I'd upload a map of the new sector.  We didn't buy anything because we don't really have much scrap.  Not that we ever do.  If we did I could totally buy all kinds of awesome lasers and bombs and droids and shields and stuff.  But we don't.  So bleh.

Captain's Log: Spacedate 1,399

We headed to that distress signal you can see on the star map I posted.  All we found was a big old freighter with no one in it.  We got a decent amount of scrap, but Ohm thought it was creepy so we left early.

Captain's Log: Spacedate 1,400

Hey look, it's new year's day!  I almost forgot.  And guess where we celebrated?

That's right, a security checkpoint!  Wee.  Yeah, not the best way to spend new year's, but at least it was quick.

Afterwards, Wilkinson and I were a bit wistful about our journey's end.  Next year in the Federation, right?  I broke out some extra Space Cookies (I've been told by Ohm that I should be saying that that's trademarked so, uh, tm) for the occasion.

Captain's Log: Spacedate 1,402

Fought another pirate today, but this one's a little special.  Can you see that little symbol with the circle and the arrow on the enemy ship?  That's a teleporter.  Yep.  Boarders.

We were able to fight off the intruders though.  We made use of the Med Bay's Accelerated Ambient Healing System (now with Stevenson-O-Matic Bacon Scent!), which was pretty handy.  After that it was pretty easy to take them out.  I'm not sure I see the advantage to boarding since then you don't have people to crew your ship until they return.  Maybe I just don't get it.

We took kind of a lot of damage in that fight, so hopefully I can find a shop soon so we can make repairs.

Captain's Log: Spacedate 1,403

We found some Zoltan scientist guys who talked about genetic distortion and other science things.  They said they wanted to scan our crew, but I said no because it sounded creepy.  Wilkinson agreed with me, but Ohm seemed a little disappointed.

Captain's Log: Spacedate 1,404

More proof for my theory that the Mantis are all bad: A shop in this sector!  Maybe I'll write an essay about it when I'm out of here.  Or at least a list of bullet points.  At least one bullet point.

We were able to fix the ship a bit, but it's still not in great condition.

Captain's Log: Spacedate 1,405

We reached the end of this sector, and also an Engi ship.  We tried to talk to the Engi but they just stood their and acted all creepy, like Engi do.  Finally, they led us to a crash site where we got some loot and reactivated our very own Engi!  He seems pretty loyal, I think he'll make a good pet/janitor.  I named him Walker because he likes to walk.

Ugh, this is the worst choice ever.  Slugs are the worst race in the universe.  Oh well, I guess I'll go to the Slug Controlled Nebula...  Maybe they'll be secretly friendly like the Mantis?

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