Sunday, November 25, 2012

The NaNoing: Day 25

So.  I, uh, kinda forgot I was supposed to be updating this here blog with NaNo progress.  Sorry about that.  Currently at 41,670 words.  I think I'll probably go over though, at least how I'm currently seeing my story end up.  Could change, you never know.


“Oh, they are. They are turhleess, cold, calculating, cruel, and other things thet beging with c and are disparaging. Wait, I didn’t mean for that to sound like thjat START THIS SENTENCE OVER.”

Yeah, so I started writing this sentence, knew it was stupid halfway through, but didn't mean for it to end up accidentally offensive. So yeah. Also spelling errors, but whatever.

"An ancient, fowl race. Similar to us, but far fowler."

Oh homophones, where would I be without you to confuse my brain? Also: Redundancy!

“Surely we could at least use the seers?” andraoma said. [Ugh headace, here’s what that line should actually say because I don’t feel like rewriting it:] “Surely we could at least scry for her friend?”

Writing when sick: Always good for a few extra words.

“Good. Abigael, we are the council of sex."

Oh what a difference one letter makes. It was supposed to be the council of six!

I shall post an excerpt on the morrow!

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