Saturday, November 3, 2012

The NaNoing: Day 2&3

Hey all.  Forgot to post yesterday, but I don't really plan on posting every day in any case.  Only when I have some interesting stuff saved up.  Up to 5,078 words now, right on track.  Day 3 went smoothly, but Day 2...  Well, my fingers sort of dissolved into paste (not literally.  No finger injury, just lots of typos).  Some NaNoisms:

"He wondered what Marilyn would think f fthat. ProbABLY MAKE SOME snarky omment"
I hate how the capslock button is right next to A.  Why can't it be somewhere else?  Like across the room?  Also: Typos.

"And how do you even know what I’m a suspect?”
This is a small one, but I find it amusing that Roland appears to have suddenly become cockney.

"Taking a deep breath, ROland entered the small receeded... Sunken door thingy that served as an entrance to the warehouse."
So you know how sometimes you have stairs down right in front of a storefront so the store is sort of underground?  That's what I was thinking of.  Far from the worst description fail I've made in NaNo (two years ago describing the Oval Office as "ovacular", and last year describing the sun beating down as, "Like an abusive father with a baseball bat").

"Roland groanded for the thousandth time today (seriously Roland, I know your situation sucks, but stop grumbling)"
One thing I do a lot in NaNo is leave little notes to myself.  Editing during NaNo is bad, but sometimes I want to specifically mark a part I want to come back to afterwards.  Sometimes these notes get kind of derisive, though.  Also: groanded.

"As far as slums and back alleys went, Hadrian’s turf was decent. After all. Hadrian was classy. There was hardly any trast, and the only gangs that roamed the steets were those approved by Hadianvfna’lkrv,ved,..."
Another common NaNo thing.  My fingers refused to type Hadrian for the thousdanth time, so I just kind of ended up randomly hitting keys before moving on.

These were all from Day 2, Day 3 went much more smoothly, quality-wise and plot-wise.

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